Vanilla Grass

Vanilla Grass

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Also known as Sweet Vernal Grass. A sweetly-scented, aromatic, tufted grass with short, narrow leaves and dense, compact yellowish-flower spikes up to 1-1/4" long. Grows in small ornamental clumps. Self sows, but is non-invasive. Contains coumarin glycoside which when dried, and has the scent of new-mown hay, similar to woodruff, and benzoic acid which imparts the sweet fragrance. (Anthoxanthum odoratum)

Medicinal: Used as an incense and herbal bath for rheumatism, and in hay-seed packs for treating painful changes in joints after accidents.

Growing instructions: Perennial. Germination at 60-70°F in 7-14 days. Germination requires light. Direct sow or transplant. Full sun. Grows 12" tall. Space 16" apart.

Packet: 0.05g - approximately 80 seeds