Sage, Lyre Leaf

Sage, Lyre Leaf

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An excellent plant for the wild garden, the mostly basal, lyre-shaped leaves have maroon green variegation when grown in a sunny area. Attractive lavender-blue flowers. Native to the eastern U.S. from Connecticut to Florida. (Salvia lyrata)

Medicinal: Once used, without merit, as a folk remedy for cancer, hence the name "cancer-weed". The tea is used like other species of sage, especially for inflammation of mucosal linings.

Growing instructions: Perennial in zones 4-8. Germination at 70°F in 7-21 days. Transplant or direct sow. Full sun or light shade. Grows 16-30" tall. Space 12-24" apart depending on species. Most sages do best in dry, well-drained soil.

Packet: 0.16 - approximately 145 seeds