Mole Plant

Mole Plant

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Also known as Gopher Spurge. A tall plant with glossy, narrow evergreen leaves. Produces small yellow-green flowers. Remains green throughout the winter in the mid-Atlantic region. Reported to be a repellent to moles and gophers when planted in a hedge around a garden due to the irritating sap in the roots. We'd like to hear your experience. Self sows readily. (Euphorbia lathyrus)

Medicinal: A cooling herb used for external inflammation. Internally it has spasmolytic, carminative, and expectorant actions.

Keep out of reach of children. The seeds are poisonous if ingested. Handling with gloves is recommended. This plant has a milky acrid sap that is irritating to the skin.

Growing instructions: Biennial in zones 3-9. Germination at 60-70°F in 14 days. Direct sow or transplant in early spring or fall. Full sun. Grows 48" tall. Space 12-16" apart.

Packet: 1.00g - approximately 23 seeds