Saint Johnswort

Medicine Garden for the Mind and Nerves

  • $14.95

This set of seeds contains healing herbs that promote well-being, calm the mind, and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.  Relaxation and an optimistic mindset can have a profoundly positive effect on overall physical and mental health, while stress and negativity are known to have a harmful impact on both the body and mind.  The calming properties of these herbs can be experienced by making a tea or tincture to use daily or as needed, or by simply connecting with these plants as they grow in your garden.  Plant these seeds to grow a garden of peace and tranquility - a garden that is both a sanctuary for relaxation and healing and a source of medicine that can be used to soothe and strengthen your mind and nerves.

This grow your own garden set includes one seed packet each of:  Holy Basil (.12 g), Saint John's Wort (.05 g), Borage (1.0 g), Lemon Balm (.19 g), Rosemary (.10 g), and Feverfew (.10 g)