Bronze Fennel

Medicine Garden for the Digestive System

  • $14.95

This set of seeds contains herbs that promote healthy digestion and remedy stomachaches, nausea, bloating, and excessive gas.  Scientists estimate that more than seventy-five percent of the immune system resides in the gut, and the medical community is finally beginning to understand the profound impact of digestive health on the human body.  A healthy diet and lifestyle, along with natural medicine, are key to maintaining a healthy gut - which we now realize is absolutely fundamental for whole body health and wellness.  Any of the herbs in this set can be enjoyed as part of a tasty herbal tea, to be drunk after meals or as needed.   Culinary herbs like mint, fennel, and oregano can make a wonderful addition to food and drink by adding flavor while also promoting healthy digestive functions. The herbs in this set can help to strengthen and tone the digestive system, remedy bacterial infections and other stomach ailments, and relieve discomfort and nausea.  Plant these seeds to grow a garden of healing herbs for improved digestion and health.

This grow your own garden set includes one seed packet each of:  Mint (.05 g), German Chamomile (.33 g), Bronze Fennel (.20 g), Greek Oregano (.05 g), Dandelion (.15 g), and Catnip (.20 g).