Medicine Garden for Healthy Skin

  • $14.95

This set of seeds contains medicinal herbs that can be used to heal the skin.  Our skin acts as a layer of protection for each of us, but this first line of defense can be harmed by injury, infection, and disease.  The herbs in this set can help to disinfect, heal, and rejuvenate the skin to keep your natural defenses strong and resilient.  These handy herbs can be infused in oil to create a wonderful and versatile healing salve, made into a poultice, compress, or wash, or used fresh from the garden as needed.  Yarrow can stop bleeding quickly due to its highly astringent nature, and plantain can effectively draw out infection, toxins (including toxins injected by snake bite, spider bite, and insect bite), and thorns and splinters.  Aromatic lavender and chamomile can make delightful additions to scented lotions, massage oils, or face scrubs.  Soothing calendula and heal-all are highly regarded for their ability to restore healthy skin.  Plant these seeds to grow a garden of beautiful healing herbs that can be used to make your own medicine or cosmetics for healthy radiant skin.

This grow your own garden set includes one seed packet each of:  Pacific Calendula (.50 g), Yarrow (.10 g) , Heal-all (.15 g), Greater Plantain (.18 g), English Munstead Lavender (.25 g), German Chamomile (.33 g)