Jing Jie

Jing Jie

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Also known as Japanese Catnip. Wonderfully aromatic herb with highly dissected foliage and small, clustered lavender blooms borne in spikes above the foliage. Belongs to the same family as catnip but is an annual with finer foliage and a sweet, pungent, pine-like aroma. (Schizonepeta tenuifolia)

Medicinal: Jing Jie is official to the Chinese Pharmocopeia. Slightly warm in nature, acrid in taste, and attributive to lung and liver channels. Used for the symptoms of colds and flu. Diaphoretic (improves cutaneous blood circulation and promotes secretion of sweat glands). Antibacterial action. Clears away heat-evil to stop the wind syndrome. Its carbonized preparation is mildly hemostatic for internal bleeding.

Growing instructions: Annual in zones 4-9. Germination at 70°F in 14 to 28 days or more. Transplant in spring. Full sun. Grows 18"-36" tall. Space 9" apart.

Packet: 0.50 g - approximately 740 seeds