Black Hollyhock

Hollyhock, Heirloom Black

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This variety is a pre-1830 heirloom. First-year plants form leafy 18" rosettes which bloom the second year to yield 5 to 6 foot spires of magnificent, satiny, blue-black single flowers. Often used as a coloring in herb tea. Medicinal: Uses similar to marshmallow: flowers free of the calyx are used as a demulcent, emollient, and diuretic. (Althaea rosea nigra)

Growing instructions: Biennial in zones 4-9, and a perennial in zones 6-9. Germination at 60°F in 14-21 days. Transplant or direct sow. Full sun. Grows 72" tall. Space 12-24" apart.

Packet: 0.50 g - approximately 55 seeds