False Unicorn

False Unicorn - Seed

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False unicorn is increasingly rare because the mature plant is threatened, even endangered in some areas, due to overharvesting for medicinal purposes (our rhizomes are grown only from plants cultivated in our own nursery.) A member of the Lily family, false unicorn is found in low moist woods and on cooler north and northeastern slopes, especially in the Appalachian mountains. It ranges from the Atlantic seaboard, west to the Mississippi, and from southern Canada to the deep South and Ozark plateau. Immature plants have long smooth leaves arranged in a basal rosette. After reaching maturity (typically 7 years in the wild), the plants send up a showy flowering stalk covered with small, numerous yellow-white flowers. Male and female flowers occur on separate plants. Mature plants can easily be divided, or the rhizome can be cut transversely into disks that will grow into new plants. (Chamaelirium luteum)

Medicinal: A strong bitter and one of the best reproductive tonics and amphoterics (normalizes function). Stimulates ovarian hormones, especially after years of contraceptives or early menopause. Also a diuretic and vermifuge. Warning: Contraindicated for pregnant women. In large doses it acts as a cardiac poison.

Growing instructions: Perennial in zones 4-9. Transplant in fall. Requires 70%-80% shade. Grows 12-24" height. Keep 12" apart. Complete growing instructions are included with seeds.

Packet: 0.04 g - about 70 seeds. Rare!