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Also called Yellow Starwort. Tall impressive herb with large leaves and yellow daisy-like flowers with fine narrow rays. Provides a focal point in the herb garden. Thrives in slightly acid, moist clay loam. (Inula helenium)

Medicinal: Second year roots are dug in Sep/Oct. and are cut and sun-dried. Expectorant, antitussive, diaphoretic for night sweats, and anti-microbial.

Growing instructions: Perennial in zones 3-9. A light dependent germinator. Germination at 70°F in 8-10 days. Transplant in spring 7 weeks before last frost. Space 18-36" apart. Full sun or part shade. Grows 48"-72" tall. Flowers are produced on second year plants.

Packet: 0.20 g - approximately 84 seeds