McCormack's Green Glaze

Collards: McCormack's Green Glaze

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An old-fashioned variety introduced in 1820 and re-selected by Dr. Jeff McCormack. A unique garden variety with bright green, smooth leaves. Collards can be eaten fresh in salads, but are best when lightly steamed and served with balsamic vinegar. 'Green Glaze' is heat and frost resistant, is slow bolting and non-heading. A valuable feature of this variety is its higher resistance to cabbageworm and cabbage looper. Recommended especially for southern and warm coastal areas. McCormack's strain has been selected for 8 years, to reduce off-types and to improve cold hardiness to 0°F. A small percentage (approximately 10%) of plants with non-glaze leaves are still present. If this variety is saved for seed, the off-types should be rogued before flowering. Medicinal: Rich in anti-oxidant vitamins, collard greens also contain the beneficial compounds lutein and zeaxanthin. Used especially as a fresh green to reduce the risk of macular degeneration. (Brassica oleracea var. acephala)

Packet: 1 g - approximately 312 seeds. Limit one packet per order.