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This common and familiar herb, also called Thoroughwort, is native to low meadows and damp ground. In August through September the terminal stem bears a large, domed cluster of white flowers. The leaves are large and opposite, completely surrounding the stem. (Eupatorium perfoliatum)

Medicinal: The name "Boneset" derives from the treatment of a type of influenza called "Break-Bone Fever" (dengue) for which this herb was used. Long used, popular remedy in the U.S. Acts slowly and persistently as a febrifuge, diaphoretic, and to relieve bronchial congestion.

Growing instructions: Stratify for 6-8 weeks. Germinates at 70°F. Germination is light dependent. Transplant or direct sow. Space 24" apart. Full sun or part shade. Grows 24" tall.

Packet: 0.05 g - approximately 352 seeds