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Originally native to northern Europe, angelica is now used and cultivated in medicinal gardens world-wide. The plant consists of a basal clump of tall, hollow stems giving rise to large, serrated and lobed leaves. During the second year it sends up a tall stalk (5 to 6 feet high) with a large main umbel and secondary umbels of white flowers. Keep seed cold until ready to plant. (Angelica archangelica)

Medicinal: The chopped and dried root is bitter and aromatic, and when brewed as a strong tea has promoted vivid dreams. Angelica is a carminative and is helpful for digestive problems, gastric spasms and ulcers, especially when combined with chamomile. A warming expectorant for bronchitis and influenza. Has anti-inflammatory action. Do not use during pregnancy.

Growing instructions: Biennial in zones 3-9. Stratify for six weeks. Germination at 60°F in 30 days. Germination is light dependent. Direct sow or transplant in the spring or fall. Space 24" apart. Light shade. 18"-48" tall. Prefers moist calcareous soil and may live three years.

Packet: 0.30 g - approximately 50 seeds