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We reserve the right to limit or refuse sale in any locality or state, or to specify that the herb seed be used for non-sowing purposes only.



Information on medicinal herbs and herb products in our catalog is collected and condensed from various historical and contemporary literature sources, plus the personal experiences of herbalists. Though we make every effort to provide the correct botanical names for the various herb species and cultivars in our catalog, we do not guarantee infallibility in nomenclature. We are also not liable for errors, omissions, or misuse of our products, or the products of our suppliers. As required by the FDA we make no medical claims that the herbs or herbal products in our catalog are intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease. If you have, or suspect you have, an illness or medical condition, see your physician, naturopath, or other qualified health professional for diagnosis, guidance and supervision prior to using herbs for self-treatment. By viewing these pages, or by placing and accepting an order the customer makes a contractual agreement to all terms and conditions.



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