Holy Basil

Medicine Garden for the Immune System

  • $14.95

This set of seeds contains powerfully healing herbs that can increase resistance to illness and infection while promoting vitality and overall good health.  Echinacea, spilanthes, and boneset work synergistically to strengthen the immune system and to remedy viral and bacterial infections (including but certainly not limited to: influenza, strep throat, and the common cold).  For many centuries, holy basil, astragalus, and heal-all have been highly esteemed around the world for their adaptogenic abilities— these herbal allies can help the body adapt to stress while encouraging longevity and vigor of the body and mind.  Plant  these seeds to grow a garden of beautiful and powerful healing herbs that can be of great benefit in times of good health and  invaluable in times of illness.

Includes one seed packet each of:  Echinacea Purpurea (Purple Cone Flower)(.2 g); Spilanthes (Toothache Plant)(.07 g); Boneset (.05 g); Holy Basil (Tulsi Rama)(.12 g); Astragalus (.3 g); Heal-All (.15 g)