Medicine Garden for Dreams and Visions

  • $14.95

Humans and plants share an intimate and intuitive connection that exists beyond the purely physical realm.  Humans have been communing with plants for spiritual purposes, dreams, and visions for thousands of years.  This set of seeds contains herbs that we have long shared a unique and special connection with due to the ability of these plants to influence our thoughts, dreams, and visions. The magic of these herbs can be experienced in many ways, such as making a dream pillow, drinking an herbal infusion, or by simply connecting with these plants as they grow in your garden.  Plant these seeds to grow a garden of beautiful and mystical plants that will speak to your soul.

Grow your own dream garden set comes with one seed pack each of:  Mugwort (.05 g), White Sage (.15 g), Scullcap (.1 g), Borage (1.0 g), Rosemary (.1 g), and Lemon Balm (.19 g).