Medicine Garden for Detoxification

  • $14.95

This set of seeds contains healing herbs that promote detoxification by protecting, strengthening, and cleansing the liver, urinary system, circulatory system, and lymphatic system. In the world that we live in today, our bodies are often heavily burdened by a myriad of toxins from our food, water, air, household and personal products, medications, cookware, etc.  This realization is causing many people to seek healthier lifestyles that will strengthen and heal their bodies and minds, and detoxification is an important part of that process.  In addition to detoxifying the body, milk thistle seeds can also offer unique and powerful protection against poisons, including mushroom and plant poisoning, snakebite, spider bite, drug poisoning, alcohol poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, and radiation. Plant the seeds in this set to grow a garden of powerful healing herbs that will purify and protect.

This grow your own garden set inlcudes one seed packet each of:  Milk Thistle (1.0 g), Dandelion (.15 g), Burdock (2.0 g), Red Clover (.30 g), Yellow Dock (.30 g), and Stinging Nettle (.10 g).