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Since 1983, Garden Medicinals has been serving gardeners, herb growers and herbalists with a fine selection of seeds, roots, supplies and books. Our mission is to promote the ethical propagation, cultivation, and informed use of medicinal and culinary herbs. We specialize in untreated, open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seed and roots, because we believe that seeds belong in the public domain.

We strive to increase awareness about the importance of conserving and protecting our native medicinal herb resources. By offering rare and hard to find seed, together we reduce the collection pressure on wild populations of herbal plants. We aim to promote the use of ecologically grown seed through providing a high quality product, as well as informational resources. Our desire is to make medicinal and culinary herb seeds and roots more accessible to everyone.

OUR SEEDS: We offer over 220 varieties of herb, flower and vegetable seeds and roots, along with the cultural information needed to successfully grow, harvest, and enjoy your crops.  The vegetable and flower seeds we offer are select ethnic and heirloom varieties, including some from our breeding program. All of our seed is untreated, some organic, and much is ecologically grown using natural methods. We do extensive germination testing, and nearly all seed packets are labeled with the latest test results.

OUR SUPPLIES: We offer supplies to assist with all manner of medicinal and culinary projects, from sprouting to cultivation to harvest, preparation and preservation. We offer glass bottles and a variety of containers for tinctures, salves or seed saving. We believe gardeners should be encouraged to save their own seed, and we provide seed-saving supplies such as silica gel and specialized containers for seed saving.

OUR BUSINESS STRUCTURE AND LOCATION: We are a worker-run cooperative located in central Virginia, near the rolling Blue Ridge. Each and  every worker has a voice in company decision making, and all worker/owners receive equal compensation regardless of the economic value traditionally placed on the jobs done. We aim to provide a flexible and enriching work environment where each person is inspired to take on multiple roles and to think creatively about how we can continue to improve our work. We have a commitment to quality in all aspects of service to our customers.

With every seed order, we will send you a six-page seed growing guide and a two-page herb germination chart. With vegetable seed orders, we also include a planting calendar. We look forward to becoming your source for quality seed and service.

Questions? Call us at (540) 872-8351.

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